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danced by Tamaz Vashakidze in classic and modern ballet performances during his creative activity:

Part of Crown, ballet “Porgy and Bess” (from Tamaz Vashakidze's archive)

Part of Crown, ballet “Porgy and Bess”
(from Tamaz Vashakidze's archive)

Athletic figure of T. Vashakidze matched well to translate the inhuman trick of the brigand Crown. Unfortunately, artists of this kind are impossible to find on our stage.

Ansa Hartelin. “In ballet shoes, in slum”
newspaper “Aamulehti”, April, 21, 1985, Finland

The black prototype — Crown — is a massive success of the young dancer T. Vashakidze. The improviser’s negative charm and temperament fascinate, his bright dance delights and takes one’s breath away.

V. Uralskaya. “Poetry of feelings”

Part of the Chief, ballet “Amazons” (from Tamaz Vashakidze's archive)

Part of the Chief, ballet “Amazons”
(from Tamaz Vashakidze's archive)

Tamaz Vashakidze (Chief) has such an actor’s charm, such a catching temperament that he is able to excite hearts of the most phlegmatic spectators...

Neli Bregadze, art critic. “And the faith in Good”

Tibald by Tamaz Vashakidze was so unconventional; he broke so much the traditional perception of this Shakespeare’s character, that the part provoked a lot of discussions and positioned the dancer as a bright actor.

Excerpt from the article “Tamaz Vashakidze”
Newspaper “Sovetskaya Kultura”, Moscow

“Appassionata” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Youth
“Don Quixote” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Basil
“Don Quixote” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Torero
“The Sleeping Beauty” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Desiree
“Gorda” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Mamia
“The Vision of Rose” Choreography: V.Chabukiani Youth
(the first staging of
G.Balanchine's ballet
in the USSR, 1984)
Choreography: G.Balanchine Youth
“Theme with Variations” Choreography: G.Balanchine Soloist
“Romeo and Juliet” Choreography: L.Lavrovsky Romeo
“Romeo and Juliet” Choreography: L.Lavrovsky Tibald
“Porgy and Bess” Choreography: M.Lavrovsky Crown
“Pirosmani” Choreography: G.Alexidze Pirosmani
“Prodigal Son” Choreography: G.Alexidze Prodigal Son
“From Columbus to Broadway” Choreography: G.Alexidze Columbus
“Amazons” Choreography: G.Alexidze Chief
“Romeo and Juliet” Choreography: G.Alexidze Romeo
“Swan Lake” Choreography: K.Sergeev Prince
“Swan Lake” Choreography: K.Sergeev Pas-de-trois
“Mata Hari” Choreography: T.Vashakidze Officer
“Giselle”   Albert
“Gayane”   Armen
“Carmen Suite”   Torero
“The Moor's Pavane”   Iago
“Medea” Choreography: G.Alexidze Masque
“The Nutcracker”   Prince
“Walpurgis Night”   Bacchus
“Laurencia”   Friends
“Thousand and One Nights”   Shakriar
“Thousand and One Nights”   Aladdin
“Seasons” Choreography: G.Alexidze Soloist
“Class-Concert” Choreography: T.Vashakidze Teacher
One-act ballets Choreography: G.Alexidze Soloist
“Chopiniana”   Youth
Fantasy “Francesco da Rimini” Choreography: G.Alexidze Soloist
“And There Was On Year Eight” Choreography: Y.Zaretsky,
Director R.Sturua
“The Cavalry Bivouac”   Officer
“Carmen Suite”   Corregidor
One-act ballet Choreography: G.Alexidze Centaur
“Waltz” Choreography: Y.Zaretsky Leading soloist
One-act TV ballet Choreography: G.Kukuladze,
Director D.Nakaidze
“Tango” Choreography: V.Gordeev Soloist
“Seasons” Choreography: L.Mkhitarjan Leading soloist
“Diane and Acteon”   Pas-de-deux
“Le Corsaire”   Pas-de-deux

Cinema and TV

Tamaz Vashakidze has acted as main characters in the following films (first Georgian video ballet performances!):



Prize-winner of the Cannes TV Film Festival.
Screenplay and direction: Alexander Vakhtangov (member of the Board of Directors of the International EMMY Award, winner of the State Prize of Georgia).
Composer: Alfred Schnittke.
Country: Georgia, Russia (Lentelefilm, Georgian TV Film).
Year of release: 1993.
Main characters acted by: Tamaz Vashakidze, Nato Murvanidze, Gogi Osepaishvili.

“Ballet Master”


The Best Georgian TV film in 1996.
Screenplay and direction: Alexander Vakhtangov.
Composer: Davit Evgenidze.
Main characters acted by: Maka Makharadze, Tamaz Vashakidze, Irma Nioradze.

“Night Dreams”

Ночные сныНочные сныНочные сны

Finalist of the EMMN TV Films Festival in New York, 1999.
Screenplay and direction: Alexander Vakhtangov.
Compose: Dmitri Shostakovich.
Main character acted by: Tamaz Vashakidze.

Video clips

Films of Alexander Vakhtangov

By courtesy of Alexander Vakhtangov now there is a chance to get acquainted with online versions of all the three of his video works, where Tamaz Vashakidze was engaged.

The video is broadcasted from the Internet service YouTube.com.


Ballet Master

Night Dreams

Unfulfilled project of Serge Paradjanov

Serge Paradjanov


Dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Great October revolution. Composer  — Schedrin or Kancheli?

The music collage will be based harmoniously on children choirs, folk songs and dances material, chastushkas (Humorous rhyme often improvised and sung in a string of others as a folklore tradition. — Translator’s note), canons combined with specific sounds and noises, such as factory whistle, alarm sirens, bell-ringing, police whistle etc.

In the final part of the ballet there will be a symphonic intermezzo, and the apotheosis will be translated by harps and bells combined with coloratura soprano vocalization.

Ballet designer — Gogi Alexi-Meskhishvili.

The role of the Mother will be performed by Maya Plisetskaya and Irina Jandieri.

Pavel Vlassov will be acted by Tamaz Vashakidze.

The outstanding young ballet master Georgi Alexidze is the only possible candidate for staging. The scene of the «May Day Celebration» besides the main ballet company will engage creative teams from the people’s theatres, The Pioneer Palace, The Ballet Art School.

Tiflis. Mtatsminda, 1986.

Anastassiya Korchenkova. From Application to the Screen (www.zhurnal.lib.ru)

Also Tamaz Vashakidze acted in films: